A note from our founder



The year was 1994. The Internet was virtually unknown to mainstream America and I was itching to leave the corporate lifestyle to pursue the American dream of starting a business.

Jump forward a year. It was becoming obvious to those who were following the Internet's development that it was going to be huge. Even so, I must admit I had no idea how integral to our lives it would become over the following years.

Many sleepless nights were spent tossing and turning, thinking about the company that would eventually spring to life as Web-Erectors.Com.

Shortly thereafter the company name was finalized, business plans written and rewritten, legal papers completed, and a logo designed and finalized.

Web-Erectors.Com was ready to do business.

From the very beginning there were some basic guiding principles that drove Web-Erectors.Com. To deliver more than was expected, always operate with the utmost honesty and integrity, and in the end, not only acquire new customers, but lifelong friends.

As the Internet started to grow, our customer base grew as well. Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, we soon found we had customers in each of those states, further and further from our home base, yet still close enough to provide in-person service.


  As you would expect of a growing company, over the years Web-Erectors.Com has branched out to offer related services that were in demand and complimentary to our core business.

Divisions were added to provide high-speed Internet access, budget websites, and eventually computer sales and service. It was at this time that Web-Erectors.Com legally became Web-Erectors.Com Internet Group.

All along the way we continued to follow our basic guiding principles which built upon themselves to bring us more and more word of mouth business. The absolute best kind of business anyone can ever hope for.

Through the years we have seen quite a number of competitors come and go. All the time Web-Erectors.Com Internet Group kept on track, offering our best-of-class customer service and treating our customers with the respect they deserve.

Since 1995 the Internet has evolved into a indispensable tool for families and business. Web-Erectors.Com Internet Group will continue to offer the professional service our customers have come to expect for many years to come.